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Community Connected by Commuter Rail

State of the CityIf you missed the SunRail station events this spring, then you must have been on tour with Yanni or trekking in flip flops through the Pacific Northwest. The SunRail team, ReThink Your Commute and Best Foot Forward participated in numerous events to spread the word about the newest transit option to hit Central Florida – SunRail.  Just a quick recap – April 4th was SunRail @ LYNX where the BFF table was swarmed by locals asking questions and wanting more information about ped safety.  On April 9th, BFF greeted Orlando Health hospital employees and then April 10th, BFF cozied up with the ReThink partners at Mayor Dyer’s State of the City speech on Church Street.

A new population of train-riders will mean a lot more pedestrian traffic near stations and that means we all need to be even more mindful of our duty to stop for pedestrians in our crosswalks!  And, since many areas and streets adjacent to Sunrail stations have not fully finished coming improvements, we will all need to be even more aware of pedestrians.  If the number of people we talked to at these events is any indication of the number of riders, this whole train idea is going to catch on!  All aboard!

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