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Accidents are preventable, especially those involving drivers striking people walking across the street.  Driver and pedestrian education is critical to saving lives and being safe on the streets. Best Foot Forward focuses on grassroots efforts and encourages everyone to educate themselves on the rights and resources available to them for pedestrian safety.

The next step is education, where BFF brings its message to the forefront via presentations to neighborhood safety organizations, community workshops, and events. The coalition leverages traditional and nontraditional media to promote a pedestrian-forward dialogue and build a community of advocates.

Everything BFF does on a daily basis– from pitching media stories and writing newsletters or articles to giving speeches and organizing BFF events – is all part of a multi-platform, mass campaign to educate the public and invite change. Without education, high visibility enforcements are significantly less impactful.

Forms of BFF Education

Community Outreach

Best Foot Forward’s educational initiatives include:

  • Attending community events, where the Outreach Team provides information and materials about pedestrian safety
  • Proactively seeking out opportunities for presentations to neighborhood and homeowners’ associations, apartment or condo or other groups
  • Partnering with local public and private schools for events and presentations to educate the next generation on the importance of pedestrian safety

Media Promotion

Best Foot Forward’s educational initiatives include:

  • Working with traditional media, including TV, newspapers and community publications and websites to promote the awareness of pedestrian safety and Florida’s driver yield law.
  • Promoting BFF’s message via non-traditional media including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr) and the website
Florida's Driver Yield Law

Florida's driver yield law states that all drivers must stop for people walking in a marked crosswalk.

In short, Florida law states that all drivers must stop for a pedestrian walking in a marked crosswalk. Through conversations with people, many drivers say they didn’t know that was the law. For more in-depth information on Florida’s driver yield law, click here.

Community Outreach Progress to Date

BFF’s educational initiatives include community outreach efforts where pedestrian safety messages are presented to residential communities where locals live, work and play.

Since the program launch in 2012:

  • 266 events attended by the BFF Outreach Team
  • 270 presentations given to neighborhood, homeowners’ associations and more
  • 83,600 people estimated reach from events and presentations
  • 260,000 educational materials distributed
  • 20,000 iY4Peds bumper stickers and magnets given away

Blankner Principal Kriel, Jaime Fletcher with Orlando Health, and Roni with BFF at the Blankner K-8 School Health Fair

International Walk to School day in Seminole County with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office

International Walk to School Day with Orange County Sheriff's office and kids

Orlando Sentinel Prime Expo with BWCF Executive Director Amanda Day and BWCF Board Member Brenda Young

Malibu Groves Health and Wellness Celebration

Chatsworth at Bryn Maur Block Party

Audubon Park K-8 Bike to School Day

National Night Out Orlando
with Chief Rolon, Officer Campbell

National Night Out Orlando with McGruff the Crime Dog and the Black Panther

Food Truck Friday in Celebration with local Girl Scouts

Homeowners presentation at Winter Park Pines

Interested in having Best Foot Forward come to your community event? Want to schedule a presentation? Contact us here.

Traditional Media Progress to Date

BFF works with traditional media on local and national levels, and across all platforms to spread the message of pedestrian safety and Florida’s driver yield laws.

Since the program launch in 2012:

  • $6,634,932.57 earned media value from news stories and articles
  • 137,925,011 people estimated reach from traditional media
Latest Media Coverage
Non-traditional Media Progress to Date: Social Media, Website & Newsletters

The Best Foot Forward coalition partners work together to expand the educational reach through social media. True to the grassroots foundation, social media and website traffic and e-newsletters help raise awareness of the BFF program, its components, and the progress it makes.

  • 1,059 fans on BFF Facebook
  • 9,126,627 organic impressions on BFF Facebook
  • 1,552 followers on BFF Twitter
  • 3,222,988 organic impressions on BFF Twitter
  • 583 followers on BFF Instagram
  • 21,814 impressions on BFF Inastagram
  • 358,389 unique sessions on BFF website
  • 29,016 subscribers to BFF e-newsletter
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