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What Gets Measured Gets Better

Pedestrians are one of the most at-risk groups of roadway users. That’s why Best Foot Forward focuses on increasing the number of drivers yielding to pedestrians at marked crosswalks.

We believe it’s our duty to —push for safer street design, bring more resources to public outreach, enforce Florida’s driver yield laws, and evaluate our progress. That work began in June 2012 and continues on today.

Right and Below: Best Foot Forward data collector Tony works with the Sanford Police Department to calculate baseline yield rates.

Tracking Measurable Progress

Best Foot Forward employs the formula from the Institute of Traffic Engineers to calculate the number of drivers yielding to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. It ensures that drivers have enough time to see pedestrians in the crosswalk and safely stop to let them cross. Read more about how Best Foot Forward calculates driver yield rates here.

Best Foot Forward data collectors measure driver yield rates at crosswalks on 3 different occasions:

  • Before any treatment, to get a baseline yield rate
  • Just before an enforcement operation
  • Just after an enforcement operation

Best Foot Forward tracks yield rates at crosswalks over time, while applying the Triple E approach of community education, low-cost engineering changes and high-visibility enforcement.

Read how the Best Foot Forward Steering Committees choose crosswalks each year.

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