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Operation Best Foot Forward is a high-visibility enforcement action to remind drivers about Florida’s driver yield law. Plainclothes officers will cross streets at marked crosswalks, giving drivers enough time to yield. Failing to yield may result in a warning or a minimum $164 citation and three (3) points on the driver’s license. Studies show that when you combine enforcement, education and engineering over a prolonged period of time, driver behavior changes.

Challenges in School Crosswalks

Best Foot Forward data shows that only 47% of drivers yield to pedestrians within crosswalks less than a 1/4 mile from a school when a crosswalk is brought into the program. Florida law requires that drivers yield to a pedestrian in every crosswalk, marked or otherwise, anywhere in the state. Over the ten-year history of Best Foot Forward, the program has monitored 283 crosswalks, and 17% are within 1/4 mile of a school. This year, 2023, the program monitors 77 crosswalks and 13 near schools. Fortunately, the BFF program and its coalition partners effectively combine education, engineering, and enforcement. As a result, the number of drivers yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks within a quarter mile of schools has increased by 25% at crosswalks that are a part of the Best Foot Forward program.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day | Friday, February 3, 2023

The two-week-long Operation Best Foot Forward effort aims to recognize the hard work and dedication of those who protect Florida’s school children across the state. Last February, the Florida Department of Transportation named Seminole County Crossing Guard Pat Alfonso the 2021 Florida Crossing Guard of the Year. According to the 2022 proclamation by Governor Ron DeSantis, “Florida school crossing guards are professionals who provide an essential service to our communities and deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts.” The Best Foot Forward program aims to magnify that recognition.

Interactive Enforcement Map

Enforcement Schedule - Media Welcome

Enforcement Schedule: January 30 – February 10

Download (PDF, 112KB)

These dates and times are subject to change across the two-week enforcement campaign. Please contact BFF Staff to confirm before attending.

Operation BFF Partner Toolkit

Social Media Content

Between January 30 and February 10, law enforcement will crack down on drivers who fail to stop for people in marked crosswalks. Avoid a traffic stop – when you see a person in the crosswalk, stop and let them safely pass. Visit to learn more. #OperationBFF

Stop or be stopped during #OperationBFF! Officers and deputies are out cracking down on drivers who put crosswalk users at risk. Visit to learn more. #iY4Peds

#DYK that Florida drivers are required to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks? Consider this your reminder! Law enforcement will be citing drivers for failing to stop during this week’s #OperationBFF. Learn more at

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Operation BFF Media Kit

Operation BFF January 30 – February 10, 2023

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BFF Fact Sheet

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BFF Media Kit

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