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Orange County: Fast Feedback

Drivers – get ready for some feedback. It’s more like electronic feedback.  Residents have voiced their concerns about traffic speeds in and around schools. They say, “kids are on foot or cruising on two wheels while one ton of metal on four wheels just whizzes by. It’s just not safe.”

Orange County traffic engineers and safety planners responded and will be installing 24 electronic feedback signals near those OCPS schools where speeding cars and student bike/ped safety is a problem.

As Kevin Miller, Orange County School Safety Coordinator, said at a recent gathering, “What is different here is the electronic feedback signs will be installed instead of temporary. We have found that drivers are more likely to slow down when they are reminded of their speed.”

We’ve all seen the temporary devices, on trailers so they can be moved from place to place. The difference here will be that these are permanently installed additions to current signals. This makes them more resilient and the LED lighting is brighter and more visible during the bright Florida daylight.

The installation of these devices at a variety of locations is an effort to address the many resident complaints as our students cross busy intersections on their way to and from our schools. These signals, which show drivers their speed and a reminder of the speed limit, will be attached to signals at mid-block crosswalks, signalized intersections, roads that feed busier roads near schools, and on curved roads all across the county at locations that are near schools.

Kudos to BFF partner, Orange County, for always putting their Best Foot Forward.

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