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Happy Healthy Kids Fair Share Ped Dangers

Orlando City Commissioner Sam Ings and local Orlando residents were out in full force at the Happy Healthy Kids Fair at the Charles Smith Community Center.

When it was time to talk pedestrian safety, the kids, parents and teens in the room all said getting hit by a car is considered the norm in Orlando.  To go a step further, all hands shot up when asked if they knew someone who was hit by a car.  And, one teenage girl shared that getting hit was “no big deal” and went on to say that her friend was hit last week but she “just broke her leg.”

The resignation that drivers will hit pedestrians and pedestrians will walk in front of cars is part of our culture – a culture we are trying to change.  The good news was that the majority of the children present knew to look “left, right, left” before crossing the street, use a crosswalk and always look out for cars.

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