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FDOT District 5 Welcomes New Bike/Ped Coordinator

FDOT-DTyroneDeborah Tyrone is the newest member of the FDOT District 5 team Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator.

With consistently high pedestrian fatality rates in Florida, FDOT has appropriately carved out two new positions within each district.  Tyrone’s position as Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator is focused closely with transportation planning, and bicycle and pedestrian safety via traffic and operations management. What are her responsibilities?

“Safety is the number one issue we are dealing with.  I support the mission of DOT, which is to create a safe and efficient transportation system,” she said.  Tyrone went on to explain that her modes of transportation are biking, walking, and transit, emphasizing her dedication to alternative transportation options.  The most recognizable project she currently has her hands on is the Coast-to-Coast Connector.

It is a joy for walking and cycling advocates to see new positions like Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator engraved within the government, giving them a voice where it matters most.

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