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Yield Rates On the Rise

photo 2Enforcement is over – data collection begins.

The data dudes were out at a mid-block crosswalk at N Pine Hills Rd N of North Lane. The yield rate increased from 7% in February to over 24% in June. Thanks to OSCO for targeting this mid-block crosswalk in February and again this month.

OPD patrolled the crosswalk at Mercy Drive and Kalwit Lane both in February and June of this year to crack down on drivers not yielding to pedestrians. Due to this enforcement effort, audits completed at the end of last week showed a MAJOR increase in yield rates, up 35%.

This round of data collection showed massive improvements in 35mph roads and higher. At 11 of 23 of the higher speed roads, auditors saw increases in drivers yielding. This is great news because the baseline yield rate for high speed roads set in 2012 was only 1%.

BFF tracks the yield rates of 30 intersections in Orlando and Orange County. In The first year BFF saw yield rates jump from 12% yielding to 48% on roads less than 35mph; Roads 35mph and higher went from 1% yielding to 5%. Showing that the triple E approach is making its mark improving pedestrian safety locally.

Watch an audit at Conway Rd and Hargill Dr
Map of BFF Audited Crosswalks

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