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What it takes to take the LYNX bus… and why planners are so concerned with pedestrians

Students from Rollins College got the opportunity to attend a behind-the-scenes tour of LYNX Central Station to learn more about how LYNX is contributing to making Central Florida a better place for walkers, bikers and those taking public transportation.

With 76 bus routes covering Orlando and the surrounding metro area, the students walked less than a mile from the Rollins campus to catch the LYNX #102 bus from Winter Park to Central Station. After a quick and comfortable ride, the group arrived at the ever-busy Central Station in the heart of downtown Orlando. This is the hub of all LYNX buses and serves more than 26 million residents and visitors a year. The station is partnered with a parking lot, just one block away, multiple bicycle racks, and top-tier crosswalks and sidewalks surrounding the area to allow bus commuters a variety of options. The behind-the-scenes tour continued by heading inside the air-conditioned station (a must for central Florida summers) with a multitude of seats, public transit resources, arriving/departing bus information and a ticket booth.

Around the corner, is LYNX’s Administrative Building. We headed upstairs to a conference room where we were surprised with some LYNX swag bags before we shifted the conversation to the future of LYNX. So, what is next on the horizon? LYNX is planning to open a Pine Hills super-stop. From our Operation BFF data collections, we know that Pine Hills an area with lots of pedestrians and can be dangerous for them. Recognizing this, LYNX’s planned super-stop will include pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, waiting area, extra bus coverage, as well as interactive screens with public transportation tips, walking maps and a bus schedule.

We also learned about the numerous offerings from LYNX, in addition to buses, including the LYMMO service, Kissimmee Connector, Road Rangers and more. Thank you, LYNX for hosting us and our Rollins College partners!

To read more about our BFF partnership with Rollins College, check out our exclusive walking tour through the city of Kissimmee!

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