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WFTV — OPD cracks down on non-pedestrian-yielding drivers

Orlando police were on the lookout for pedestrians Tuesday.

Officers were stationed at various intersections in Orlando to stop and ticket anyone who does not stop for pedestrians in designated crosswalks.

Officials said over the past decade, Metro-Orlando ranked the worst in the nation for pedestrian injuries and deaths.

“Since we’ve been doing this in June, it is now, obviously, February, we went from a five-percent yield rate up to a 30-percent yield rate in the city limits,” said Jerry Goglas of the Orlando Police Department.

A ticket for not yielding to pedestrians will cost a driver $164 and three points on their license.

Originally published by WFTV Channel 9 on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

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  1. A pedestrian who I feel was a plant by police was standing motionless near a crosswalk. I saw the individual but she stood still as if she was waiting for a bus and not moving toward the crosswalk. If there was some movement I may have noticed her sooner and could have stopped. The police officer was set-up across the street to make the pinch. I can’t say for sure if she was in the walkway, but I never did see her cross the street. After issuing the citation the officer said I was free to go. I take a winter vacation annually in Florida. I am also free to vacation at some other destination. As a law abiding citizen I don’t like being set-up to break the law.

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