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Kids Walking to School

Watch Out for Student Walkers and Bike-Riders

As 185,870 OCPS students started school on August 19, the topic at the most recent Orange County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) meeting was stats on ped and bike crash incidents for individuals ages 5-19 from 2010-2013 in Orange County. John Rogers, Civil Engineer from the city of Orlando Public Works department and current chair of the Orange County CTST, revealed these sobering statistics:
  • From 2010 – 2013, there were 282 ped crashes involving kids ages 5 – 19 in Orange County.
  • Ped crashes are mostly concentrated west of the I-4 corridor, or areas west of Orange Ave.
  • Most ped and bike crashes happen during months that school is in session.
  • Most ped and bike crashes happen during morning or late afternoon.

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