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Orlando Police Department rewards good walking & driving behavior

How about being rewarded for doing the right thing. Orlando Police Department traffic enforcement has been doing just that – thanking drivers and people on foot with a free lunch from Chick-fil-A for doing something as simple as yielding to a pedestrian with the right of way or for pedestrians using a crosswalk. On April 12, they were out in action on the corner of Orange Ave and Michigan Ave, surprising peds and drivers with an unexpected free chicken sandwich.

This positive reinforcement is part of Best Foot Forward’s three-pronged approach, using a combination of Engineering (designing streets to reduce crashes), Enforcement and Education, to make our streets safer.  Our hope is that a little positive reinforcement might go a long way in creating a different kind of – or even kind – traffic culture. And maybe, even make a lasting impression about the importance of doing the right thing.


Click here for a link to a News 6 story on this campaign.


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