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‘Tis the season… to watch out for pedestrians

The period between Thanksgiving to New Year’s is one of celebration, excitement, and festive joy. But it can also be a particularly dangerous time for pedestrians.

Between shopping for gifts, running to kids Holiday programs at school, sending Christmas cards, visiting Santa and preparing enough food to feed a school bus of hungry high school football players… it seems like the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. And with all that on your mind, we want to remind you to pay attention when you’re driving, especially for pedestrians.

Shopping districts like Park Avenue in Winter Park, I-Drive, the Orlando International Premium Outlets, and Winter Springs Town Center will be more crowded than normal with holiday visitors. Make sure you’re keeping an extra eye out for shoppers trying to use crosswalks to get from store to store (or to a local restaurant).

The end of Daylight Saving Time also makes it more dangerous for pedestrians to try to cross the streets. While turning back the clocks may give you an extra hour of sleep, experts warn the early sunset makes it harder to see people walking between 5 pm and when it gets completely dark. The time changes has also been proven to make us more tired throughout the day.

All of these factors could lead drivers to be less aware behind the wheel and could put people at risk of being struck or killed when trying to cross the street. While our lives are getting busier and the days are getting shorter, it is important be consciousnesses of fellow shoppers and holiday goers who are crossing the street.

So let’s all spread holiday cheer and be conscious of others while on the road.

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