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Team Explores Central Florida On Foot, Via Public Transit

Sometimes, you just need a brain break, especially during a busy week. A couple of Bike/Walk Central Florida team members recently snuck away from their desks to explore some of Central Florida’s transit options (all in the name of research, of course). 

First, the duo headed to the Winter Park Sunrail Station and easily mastered the automatic kiosk, purchasing two SunRail tickets. A loud whistle signaled the train’s approach, and, with a quick tap of their tickets, they were on their way to Church Street Station in Downtown Orlando. The whole experience was effortless and much-preferred over the alternative – a trip down I-4.

After hopping off of the Sunrail, it was “game-on” to find a bike. Without even leaving the station, the infamous green and orange bikes were within sight. Unfortunately, cars exiting I-4 were too close for comfort. With no bike lane in sight, the pair set off decided to skip the wheels and headed towards Lake Eola on foot. They enjoyed the view of Downtown Orlando and were grateful that they didn’t have to go too far before they came across two more Lime Bikes inviting them for a ride. This time, a bike lane and less traffic provided a much more welcoming venue.

With just a few clicks and a quick QR code scan, the bikes were unlocked and ready to roll. What makes these bikes special is the e-Assist, providing a little kick to help you coast along. A quick, leisurely ride landed them at the beautiful Lake Eola Park, the perfect pit stop to enjoy some amazing mid-January weather. The question of the hour – “how can I ditch my responsibilities and sign up to be a Lake Eola swan?” Sadly, that’s not an option, so the team was forced to snap back to reality and start the journey back to the BWCF office.

Once arriving to Lynx, it seemed as if the bikes were being reunited to their home – multiple rows of the familiar orange and green bikes lined the empty field adjacent to the station. The pair was grateful for the assistance of a nearby Lynx employee, who helped them locate the 102 that took them straight back to Park Avenue in Winter Park.

Thank you to Sunrail, Juice Bikes, Lime Bikes and Lynx for an awesome experience exploring the City Beautiful and all of the wonderful transit options! If you are interested in seeing the experience firsthand, head to our Instagram (@bikewalkcfl) and check out the WP->DTO highlight.

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