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Talkin’ ped safety with the South Apopka Safe Neighborhood

Shout out to the South Apopka Safe Neighborhood for allowing us to join their January meeting to talk about all things BFF. During the presentation, BFFer Amanda Day provided information about the Florida driver yield law and stressed the importance of always stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. As with most of our BFF presentations, the “speech” part quickly gave way to a great discussion about pedestrian safety concerns in the South Apopka area.

Meeting participants shared their thoughts about problem intersections and changes that they’ve seen in their neighborhoods, which is shared with our BFF Steering Committee (made up of people in Central Florida transportation planning, engineering, education and enforcement).

Many thanks to this group for the warm welcome and great conversation. If you are part of a local HOA, rotary club, chamber of commerce, church group, running club or other community group who welcomes speakers, we’d love to come and chat with you. Please email Candace at [email protected] for more information.

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