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2021 Florida Crossing Guard of the Year - Pat Alfonso

Seminole County Crossing Guard Named Florida Crossing Guard of the Year!

Are you ready for some good news? We’re thrilled to announce that local Central Florida School Crossing Guard Pat Alfonso has been named the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office 2021 School Crossing Guard of the Year! Pat has been a dedicated member of the Seminole County team for 14 years and is loved by the community for her commitment to educating students on walking and bicycle safety. 

But wait, there’s more! Pat’s exceptional work has also been recognized by the Florida Department of Transportation, who named her the State of Florida School Crossing Guard of the Year. 

Pat is known for her dedication to the safety of the students she works with, spending extra time educating them on safe crossing habits. Kids and parents alike appreciate her hard work and dedication. She’s described as a “devoted team member who’s always willing to help when needed.” 

In addition to her work as a crossing guard, Pat also contributes to the local homeless community. 

FDOT Secretary Kevin Thibault said it best, “Crossing guards have one of the most important jobs in public service. Their dedication deserves recognition today and every day.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re so proud to have Pat here in Central Florida! 

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