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Seminole County Celebrates Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Seminole County crossing guards gather to be recognized at 10th annual Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Appreciation Awards Banquet.

We all know to think twice when crossing the street but Crossing Guard Appreciation Day is a day to think twice about those who help our children safely do so.

In celebration of Florida Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) hosted a banquet to recognize its crossing guards and present various awards to guards for their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. More than 4,000 Seminole County Public School children are kept safe everyday crossing 200-plus crosswalks thanks to admirable crossing guards like these.

SCSO Crossing Guard Supervisor JoJo Sturm and her lead team welcomed crossing guards from around the county. Next, Sheriff Dennis Lemma and Commissioner Bob Dallari offered the Seminole Crossing Guard Oath of Integrity and words of appreciation.

“You have something special going on in this group,” said Sheriff Lemma. “You also lift the spirits of the children and parents you greet and even the drivers passing by.”

BFF’s Amanda Day presented Star Myers with a State Crossing Guard of the Year Award on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation.

The SCSO School Crossing Guard of the Year Award was presented to Larry Miller.

Other crossing guards were recognized for perfect attendance, problem solving, going above and beyond, over 20 years of service and more.

Thanks to all who step into crosswalks today and each day to keep our children safe!

Amanda Day, Florida State Crossing Guard of the Year Star Myers, Sheriff Dennis Lemma and JoJo Sturm

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