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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon…..What?

rrfb_pic_2What is an RRFB? It stands for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, and these flashing lights do a great job of alerting drivers to pedestrians crossing the street. North Reddington Beach, a town just north of St. Petersburg, Florida, used RRFBs to lower the number of pedestrian fatalities and saw great results. Now, more of these beacons are popping up around the country.
According to Mighk Wilson, MetroPlan Orlando’s Smart Growth Planner, Orlando currently has six RRFBs. He predicts that pedestrians in the city beautiful will see more of these RRFBs at crosswalks soon, as the Florida Department of Transportation, local governments, and engineers work together to make it happen.
Watch FOX 35’s interview with Mighk here.

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