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Recent Outreach Highlights in Orange County

In Orange County, less than 50% of drivers yield to pedestrians, according to data collected from crosswalks monitored by the Best Foot Forward (BFF) program this year. To promote safer streets and protect pedestrians, Best Foot Forward has partnered with Orange County to educate drivers and promote safety for everyone who bikes, walks, and rolls. Recently, our BFF Outreach Team had the privilege to connect with the community at these events: 

People of Wekiva Springs Association Easter Egg Hunt

Best Foot Forward outreach kicked off in April at the People of Wekiva Springs Association Easter Egg Hunt. This event was full of great vendors, fun activities, and the Easter bunny! 

Absolutely Avalon in Avalon Park

BFF was invited to this event by members of the Eastside Cycling Club in Orange County, to team up and share important information on how to bike, walk and roll safely!

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve Earth Day Hike

Earth Day 2023 was off to a great start with the guided hike at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve! Best Foot Forward set up outside the preserve’s office to talk with hikers and cyclists about staying safe while on the roads and trails.

Ford Driving Skills for Life

Teenagers from all around Florida gathered to get behind the wheel for the first time at this event. Best Foot Forward was able to connect with parents and student drivers about yielding to pedestrians, to remind them it’s not just a law, it’s a life.

South Trail Branch Library Pop Up

Best Foot Forward Outreach member Jenna stopped by the South Trail Branch Library in Orange County to hold a BFF pop up event. Many folks visiting the library had questions about the new pedestrian hybrid beacon upgrades along the corridor outside of the library.

The mission of the Best Foot Forward program is to lower pedestrian fatalities and injuries by getting more drivers to yield and stop for people in crosswalks, as Florida Law requires.

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