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Orlando Commits to “Vision Zero”

Kudos to City of Orlando! They’ve officially joined the Vision Zero movement by adopting a resolution committing to the goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2040. This comes at the heels of the upward trend of the number of local drivers running over local people crossing the street and the region consistently being ranked in the top five dangerous places to walk and bike according to Smart Growth America.

By joining the Vision Zero movement, the City recognizes all traffic related deaths and serious injuries are not acceptable. And, if this trend continues, the City and the region could jeopardize future growth of residential population and our employment base.  The next step is for the City to develop a plan, timelines and actionable goals.

The move also endorses Vision Zero as a collaborative approach that involves all city departments to achieve this goal.

Check out the Orlando Sentinel article “Orlando commits to a goal of zero pedestrian deaths by 2040.”  The Sentinel article used a photo from Operation Best Foot Forward, a high-visibility, dual-enforcement action to remind drivers about Florida’s driver yield law.

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