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Orange County Update Engineering for Pedestrians

To increase the safety of students crossing from UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management to the Lake Cay Commons shopping plaza, the Orange County School Safety Coordinator along with other parties like Rosen Hotels & Resorts installed new flashing signs along the crosswalk. As the Rosen area continues to grow, busy streets like University Blvd, demand additional measures to keep the pedestrian community safe. We would like to thank Orange County and Rosen for stepping up and providing critical transportation needs in the Central Florida region.


Here’s a look at how the flashing signs work:

  • Push the button to immediately activate the warning lights and double check that traffic is yielding. You can now walk to the median where you then push the button again to cross the next lane of traffic.
  • Pushing the button is the only way to activate the warning lights because they are not motion-censored.
  • As always, limit distractions while crossing the street by putting away your phone. Texting and talking in the midst of a busy street is an unnecessary safety hazard. Keep your eyes on the traffic until you are back on the sidewalk.


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