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Orange County students win statewide ped safety poster contest

Not only are we striving to raise walk-minded children, but we are raising little artists too! Three elementary school students – from Dommerich Elementary and Lake Sybelia Elementary – were recently named the statewide winners of the 2017 WalkSafe Poster Contest.

More than 70 elementary schools participated, and Orange County Public Schools’ three superstar students were chosen out of 130 finalists, categorized by school year. Introducing our littlest advocates:

  • Paige Russell of Dommerich Elementary in the Kindergarten to First grade category
  • Annalisa Ho of Lake Sybelia Elementary in the Second to Third grade category
  • Douglas Gold of Lake Sybelia Elementary in the Fourth to Fifth grade category

Haven’t heard of WalkSafe? It’s a three-day elementary school curriculum that aims to teach students safe practices for walking to and from school. The program was born at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, and includes classroom instruction, interactive practice through physical education, and conceptual learning through art projects such as the poster contest.

The adorable student artists were awarded for their creative efforts at the Orange County School Board meeting on April 25. High fives all around for promoting a healthy, safety-oriented mindset in our future generation!

Click to learn more about WalkSafe

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