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Orange County Sheriff’s Office and BFF speak at Pine Hills senior community

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) and Best Foot Forward’s Community Outreach Program Manager, Barbara Giles, were invited by The Reserve at Indian Hill, a senior citizen apartment community in Pine Hills,to talk about the dangerous of walking, biking and driving on Pine Hills Road – known as one of the region’s High Crash Corridors. These residents were extremely concerned after a fellow friend and resident was struck by a driver and killed.  The consensus was more needs be done – even as one gentleman shared his dismay about a “stop for school buses” sign that had been mowed down by a vehicle close by to the apartment community.

With the help of OCSO deputies David Mittiga and John Ramsey, BFF  helped answer questions and addressed their concerns about dangerous, reckless driving and people not using crosswalks when crossing the street by sharing Operation Best Foot Forward’s enforcement activities at Pine Hills Rd. and El Trio Way. OCSO is enforcing the driver yield laws at that crosswalks quarterly as well as citing drivers for speeding. Although the driver yield has improved at Pine Hills Rd and El Trio Way, the group agreed that much more needs to be done in terms of reducing the speed, more enforcement, and engineering the roadway for people on foot, bikes and traveling on four wheels – aka cars.


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