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Operation BFF a Social Success

This morning dozens of local police officers and sheriff’s deputies hit the streets for the year’s first Operation Best Foot Forward. It’s just one part of BFF’s mission to make the streets of Central Florida safer for both drivers and walkers. One of the goals of a high-visibility enforcement, or Crosswalk Crackdown, is to educate drivers about Florida law– you have to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Thanks to all our parters in the BFF Coalition and the media for spreading the word!

During Operation BFF, law enforcement works in small teams. A plainclothes deputy, or “decoy”, walks across a marked crosswalk. He checks to see which drivers don’t stop like Florida law requires, then he radios to his uniformed partners who pull drivers over and hand out $164 citations.

Best Foot Forward works with city planners, engineers and law enforcement to decide which crosswalks need an enforcement action. Then our team of data collectors scouts out potential locations. They track driver yield rates, make sure it’s safe for the decoy, and there’s a safe place to pull drivers over. This time, we were at lots of crosswalks near schools, or a local college.


Because our partners helped spread the word, we’re pretty sure more drivers paid attention and stopped for pedestrians in marked crosswalks today… at least we hope so.

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