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News 13 Getting There: Improvements Coming Soon to Pine Hills Road

Jerry Hume reported in News 13’s “Getting There” on an update to the Pine Hills Road improvements coming this fall.

Since 2015, 143 crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists have occurred on Pine Hills Road, causing the tragic, preventable deaths of 11 people. Three years ago, a study investigating ways to increase the safety of pedestrians on this road was completed, and finally some of these changes are ready to be implemented. A $14-million project with the goal of making Pine Hills Rd. a safer place for pedestrians will begin this fall.

According to Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, more medians, crosswalks, wider sidewalks, and a 7-foot bike lane will be added to the road. A pedestrian hybrid beacon will be installed just north of Fir Drive, and six preexisting crosswalks will be modified with rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) to draw driver’s attention to pedestrians. In order to deter pedestrians from walking outside of the crosswalks, a fence will be built along the road. In addition to these safety measures, aesthetic improvements and beautification will occur, hoping to draw more businesses to Pine Hills.

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