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New Trail to Link Lake Underhill Path to Downtown Orlando

For someone biking, there aren’t many things more enticing than a great network of bicycle trails, which offer a safe haven for those traveling on two wheels. Last October, the City of Orlando proposed the Orlando Bicycle Beltway, an 8.5-mile loop from downtown Orlando to the Fashion Square/Colonial area and back. The goal? Fill the gaps in the trail network and link downtown to the region’s trail system. Good news for those of you who can’t wait to ride – the design process is starting for one of the gaps in the beltway.

This week, the city announced that the Downtown Connector Trail, a two-mile segment along Anderson Street, will soon be entering its 12-month design process. This section will connect downtown to the Lake Underhill Path and is expected to be completed by early 2021. This segment of expansion is an exciting one as it will provide many local residents, recreational cyclists and downtown commuters a safe and healthy mode of transportation.

A huge thank you to the City of Orlando for this update, and for continuing to work at expanding transportation options for all residents. Once completed, the Orlando Bicycle Beltway is sure to be a hot commodity among Orlando’s biking community and we’re looking forward to trying out this new segment.

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