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Pedestrian crossing six lane highway between signals.

MetroPlan Orlando reports bike/ped injuries and fatalities still on the rise

metroplancrashstats_graphMetroPlan Orlando has released its latest pedestrian and bicyclist crash trends report for the tri-county area (Orange County, Osceola County and Seminole County). The report reviewed injury and fatality crash data between 2007 and 2015.

Some good news. MetroPlan Orlando reports bike/ped-related crashes are increasing less near Downtown Orlando. But overall – not only are more and more people walking and biking getting hit and injured – but the types of injuries are getting worse, according to MetroPlan.

Here’s a breakdown of some crash trends reported by MetroPlan Orlando:

Bike/ped injuries and fatalities continue to trend upward.

  • 19% increase for people walking
  • 48% increase for people biking

More people walking and biking are getting severely injured.

  • 39% increase for people walking
  • 106% increase for people biking

Crashes involving people walking and biking are increasing less near Downtown Orlando.

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