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Make 2019 the Year You Improve Your City

With 2018 in the books, many are beginning their list of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of sticking to the norm, why not think about making goals based on the city you live in and love?

A recent article from Fast Company highlights resolutions to not only improve yourself, but also your community.

Here are some that embodied Best Foot Forward principles:

  • “Lobby your leaders for improvements to support more choices, like better infrastructure and slower speed limits.”
  • “Take every opportunity you can to participate in civic life. Linger in and enjoy good parks, places, and streets every day, not just during special events. Your very presence and engagement adds life, vitality, and safety to a place, and helps them be more enjoyable for everyone.”
  • “Open your eyes to whether your city is truly accessible for everyone–every curb cut or lack thereof–for the disabled, people of all ages, and for every parent with a stroller. Find ways to travel a mile in their shoes or chairs, and listen to them. Then amplify their voices in calling for improvements.”
  • “Get involved with (or create) community and advocacy organizations, especially ones that are for things, not just against things.”

Head to Fast Company for the full list.


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