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It’s about the people at City of Orlando District 2’s National Night Out

07.15.15 NNO District 2-Ortiz (30)City of Orlando District 2 held a fantastic National Night Out event on July 15 at Sedano’s on Curry Ford Road. There was food, fun, dancing, prizes, and more. The bouncy house and the loud music caught the attention of drivers and walkers around the Semoran Blvd. and Curry Ford intersection. Also, those who came for grocery shopping got an extra surprise when they showed up to the amazing event.

BFF got the chance to speak with loads of Orlandoans, but one of the most special conversations was with this sweet 96-year-old-woman (to the right). She shared how vastly different Orlando has become since her “prime.” And shared with us that she fought in World War II. BFF thanked her for fighting for freedom, while she thanked us for fighting to save lives.

07.15.15 NNO District 2-Ortiz (25)Shoutout to Carmen Vicente (to the left)! She is part of the Orlando Police Departments Citizen Observer program. After meeting our favorite BFFer, Joan, at her HOA meeting last year, she signed up for our newsletters. She made a special trip over to the BFF booth to explain how much she loves the newsletters each month. She said she not only is she excited to hear about events coming up near her neighborhood, but as an recreational cyclist herself, she also likes the quick and easy access to all things bikes and peds.

07.15.15 NNO District 2-Ortiz (31)




Three cheers for Raphael (to the right)! Not his real name, but his favorite Ninja Turtle, of course. This guy waited a full 30 minutes in line to get his awesome facepaint, luckily right in front of the BFF booth. He shared that one of his favorite things to do is go on bike rides through his neighborhood and next year he will even be able to bike to school. Great to meet you!



07.15.15 NNO District 2-Ortiz (18)It was great to meet these driving newbies. All on their own, they came over to inquire about BFF and what the law is for protecting pedestrians. As they are about to get their driver’s licenses – we caught them at a great time to educate about the crosswalk yield laws. Great to see kids being proactive about their education!

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