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Help Wanted: Be a Crossing Guard, Be a Hero

Picture this: A 6-year old little boy, Johnny, lives just ten minutes away from his elementary school. Today is his special day; it’s Johnny’s turn to present to his class for show-and-tell. Little Johnny spent all night last night deciding what to bring. Should he bring his signed basketball from the Orlando Magic game? Or should he bring his ant farm (that is so cool and has like, 80 ants in it!)? By morning, he still could not decide. As his dad left for work, with a kiss to the head and a wave goodbye, he told Johnny how excited he was to come home from work and hear all about Johnny’s show-and-tell and which prized possession he finally decided on

Johnny, with his overstuffed backpack and prized possession in hand began his walk to school. The morning school traffic was hectic. Sometimes, it made Johnny a little nervous. But, guess what? Because of school crossing guards, Johnny isn’t scared to walk to school. He knows he’ll be safe crossing the street.

That night, Johnny was able to tell his dad all about his show-and-tell day at school, about how his classmates loved his signed basketball, and how glad he was that his dad took him to the Orlando Magic game last week. Johnny is safe and sound walking to-and-from school because of Orange County’s and Orlando’s Crossing Guard superheroes. Johnny and his dad can go back to many more basketball games, and Johnny can keep boasting about his prized basketball.

The Best Foot Forward Coalition includes Orange County Public Schools and works to make sure all kids make it to and from school safely, just like Johnny. Right now, there is a need for additional crossing guards in both Orlando and Orange County. That means, you can be the hero of this story. Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Orlando Police Department are both hiring School Crossing Guards. The paid, part-time positions currently have applications open. Follow the links below to apply and be a superhero for our little pedestrians!

Orlando Police Department Application

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Application

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