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Happiest Mayor in America

Mayor Buddy DyerWe applaud Mayor Dyer who noted in his State of the Downtown that great cities of the world have one element in common – great downtowns. We are in the midst of the biggest year in the history of downtown Orlando as the visions of Orlandoans come alive – a downtown rich in arts, culture, sports, entertainment, and so much more. As Orlando moves toward a vibrant and connected downtown, they are also making strides toward creating a safe and walkable community. 
“I’ve talked to young people who, ten years ago might have gone elsewhere, but today are starting their careers in Downtown and choosing to live footsteps away from where they work in new buildings like Nora, Artisan 420, Thornton Park Brownstones and The Sevens,” Mayor Dyer said during his address. Orlando’s future will foster the millennial generation’s demand for accessibility.
Here are the Project DTO Vision Themes:
1. An awesome outdoor city
2. A highly connected community
3. The best education in Florida
4. A great place to do business
5. A creator culture
6. An iconic identity
7. Stellar music, arts, sports, and entertainment
8. A diverse and open community that takes care of its own
9. A celebration of history, heritage, and culture
10. A city built for the future

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