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Drive Like You Work Here; Yield Because They Work Here

Do you have your orange on today? Across the nation, advocates of work zone safety are wearing the color orange as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week. Go Orange Day is hosted by the District Department of Transportation as part of the week’s events.

Each year during NWZAW, public agencies, organizations and individuals across the country come together to advocate for the women and men who risk their lives in work zones each day to build and maintain our roadways. This year’s theme is: “Drive like you work here.”

According to the CDC, on average, more than 120 road workers are victims of fatal crashes, annually. More than 60 percent of these fatal crashes occurred when a driver hit a worker in the work zone.

Additionally, the Dangerous by Design 2019 report showed that Florida, Central Florida to be exact, is the number one most dangerous place for people walking. Combined, these statistics mean Florida recorded the second-highest number of fatal work zone crashes in the nation. 35 percent of those fatal accidents took place in the presence of roadway workers.

Best Foot Forward joins advocates across the nation urging drivers to use extreme caution when driving through a work zone. Be extra attentive to the road, be patient in your commute, and help ensure that roadway workers make it home safe and sound to their family for dinnertime.

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