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Crossing Guard Appreciation Day: Honoring Our PED Safety Heroes

2012-10-02 12.33.35 copyTheir suit of armor? An orange safety vest. Their sword? A small red STOP sign. Their battle? Helping PEDS safely cross the street.

Each day, our crossing guards suit up and head out to the front lines to help the little PEDS get to and from school safely. BFF is so excited that Governor Rick Scott announced today, February 6, 2015, as Florida’s Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. Thank you, crossing guards, for all of your hard work and dedication. You are an important part of BFF’s mission to make streets safer for pedestrians.

The results are in! Take a look at the winners for the 2015 Crossing Guard Awards:

2014 School Crossing Guard of the Year:

City of Alachua Police Department School Crossing Guard Program

  •  Sheila Wooley

2014 School Crossing Guard of the Year-Team:

St. Cloud Police Department School Crossing Guard Program

  • Rebecca Laisch
  • Tina LeBlanc

2014 Florida School Crossing Guard of the Year Award for Bravery and Outstanding Service: 

Clearwater Police Department School Crossing Guard Program

  • In grateful memory: Douglas Carey

2014 School Crossing Guard Programs of the Year:

  • Gainesville Police Department School Crossing Guard Program
  • Seminole County Sheriff’s Office School Crossing Guard Program

Congratulations on this huge achievement! Thank you again for all that you do.

Check out the press release from FDOT, here.

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  1. leter to

    daniel sarasti

    [email protected]

    i have been living in the twin cities of the state of minnesota for 25 years ,

    road crossing has always been a very significan problem ,

    the city of saint paul , has not change or improve any of it road managment beurocrasis ,
    in which aim to convinient the automobile model at the expense of pedestrians & cyclist safety .

    there are several improvements american cities do , to truely improve road safety ,

    as 4 way red light for cars for 40 seconds so pedestrians can cross the roads with out car , trucks & mass public tranportation attemting to collide with minor trafic

    the green bike box at the intersections .

    zebra crosswalks at the intersections

    car stop lines at the intersection

    no right turns on red

    no U turns at the intersections

    jaywalking is a mayor problem

    i do often write , send my complain / coments to :

    unfortunaely , even so the may be receiving the emails , the city of saint paul is not profesioanal enough in adresing or correcting these problem ,

    so , me as a regular citizens , has face a mixure of Berlin / China Wall ,

    but organization like yours , may be able to contact the mayors , governors

    department of transporation

    University Avenue in the city of Saint Paul , is plaged with road trafic incident by the hour .

    the city is very clumsy in correcting the problems .

    thank you for your time

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry about the problems you are experiencing in St. Paul. We are based in Orlando, Fla., and cannot be an immediate help to you. But if you are experiencing a lot of problems, we recommend that you call the City of St. Paul’s Engineering Department at (651)266-6200. Pedestrian infrastructure is updated based on citizen requests. We recommend you call the above phone number and voice any problem intersections to the department.
      The issues relating to jaywalking is an enforcement issue. We recommend you contact your local police department’s non-emergency phone number. This has been a tool here in Central Florida for residents to report jaywalking and drivers not yielding to pedestrians.
      Thank you,
      Best Foot Forward

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