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Concerned Resident Alerts Commissioner Siplin of Walking Hazard: Improvements Quickly Made

The Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District reported in their newsletter: “A concerned Orange County resident contacted Orange County District 6 Commissioner Victoria Siplin’s office for assistance after witnessing what could have been a fatal pedestrian accident. During the afternoon commute, the resident watched a distracted driver nearly hit a blind man and his seeing eye dog while crossing West Colonial from Good Homes Road, after receiving a pedestrian signal to walk.


To help deter this type of incident, Commissioner Siplin worked with the Orange County Traffic Engineering staff, who installed a stop for pedestrian Yield Sign on Good Homes Road, as shown. Additionally, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) swiftly conducted a formal evaluation of this intersection for permanent, future pedestrian safety improvements.

Please remember to be present and cognizant while operating your motor vehicle. For more information about traffic and pedestrian safety you can visit any/all of these websites: Alert Today Florida, Bike/Walk Central Florida, and Lighthouse Central Florida.”

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