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Central Floridians Want Alternatives to Driving

MetroPlan Survey 2015 resultsGuess what – Central Floridians are looking for alternatives to driving – and it shows with increased use of public transportation, and walking and biking. MetroPlan Orlando surveyed more than 1,000 Central Florida residents about their transportation habits and wants and the results are positive for the efforts being made to make the area walkable and more bike-friendly.

The majority of people – a whopping 96% – still use their car to get where they need to go. But the good news is, more and more people are using other modes of transportation for at least a share of their transportation needs. Here are the numbers: 68% walk; 44% bike; 35% SunRail; 26% Lynx. Public transportation is growing in popularity and of those people surveyed, 56% emphasized the expansion of bus and rail options, while 23% endorsed more active options like walking and biking. While only a combined 22% mentioned the widening of and building new roads.

And the biggest emphasis that responders wanted to see was on biking and walking – especially when it comes to safety. An overwhelming 92% feel that provisions for biking and walking are very important and that as it now stands, bicycling and walking are not safe transportation options for most people, most of the time. Read the full report. And see the presentation from the Sept. 9 MetroPlan Orlando Board meeting.

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