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Celebrating Earth Day with One Less Car, One More Park

DSC03130After the City of Orlando’s One Less Car, One More Park event, there is great potential for Orlando’s parking spaces – from an Urban Fitness trail with a rowing machine and a solar panel charging station to art displays. There were green spaces with lawn chairs and a bike-powered smoothie blender. BWCF got in on the fun and volunteer Helen Miller took a spin on the bike and blended herself a smoothie. Mayor Dyer judged the parking spaces. The winner was Charlan Brock Associates with their Urban Fitness Trail.

Many residents stopped by the BWCF booth. Many were bikers and walkers. One bicyclist said he’s been bumped a few times by cars, another bicyclist said she was knocked off her bike and into a newspaper display from someone who opened a car door without looking. A couple people mentioned that they see the I Yield for Peds bumper stickers all over the place.

Thanks Mayor Dyer for this great event and a fun day outside for Earth Day.

For more photos from the event, visit our Flickr page.

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