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Best Foot Forward Celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Downtown Orlando



It’s MLK Day! Best Foot Forward arrived in Downtown Orlando and roads were already packed.  Without an easy way for one staff member to find parking and take multiple trips to the vendor site to set up the BFF table, I needed a new plan.


I grabbed my camera and filled a bag with bumper stickers and educational materials and set out for the parade.  Hundreds of people lined the streets, sitting and waiting for the parade to start.  I approached each group of people and handed out stickers while briefly explaining the pedestrian danger in Orlando, and encouraging safe walking and driving.  Those who seemed interested, I spent more time with – explaining the BFF program, triple E approach, and finally offered more educational materials too.


Photo Jan 17, 9 57 37 AM (1)I visited the designated vendor area, and there was very little pedestrian traffic.  I believe this interactive presence at the parade was more successful, and also provided me many more photo opportunities as I could move freely throughout the event.


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