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Beat the Parking Lot Blues: Walk to Shop

Anyone familiar with Central Florida’s busiest shopping centers are used to this scene: cramped spaces and tight turns, disorganized layouts, and general madness. Sound anything like your typical trip to Waterford Lakes? Or, what about the new Trader Joe’s in Winter Park where cars jockey for spots at all hours of the day.

Why not ditch the clunky car at home and take a walk  to your local shopping center? You get all the healthy benefits of exercise while losing the frustration of battling for space while saving some gas money. It’s a win-win and win.

traderjoesbikerackPhoto credit to BFFer, Jill Hamilton, at Healthy Central Florida.

To easily transport your goodies from the store, cyclists should invest in a sturdy basket or backpack while walkers can get use out of a personal shopping cart that folds when not in use.


Here is an article that covers more details about Central Florida’s parking issues.

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