Month: February 2016

FOX 35: Orlando putting money into Project DTO

One of the main goals for Project DTO is to create a more walkable and bikeable Downtown Orlando. A road diet on Robinson would add a bike lane, some crosswalks, and reduce the speed limit, making it a safer place for people to walk and bike. Read about some of […]

Newest Member of Best Foot Forward

My name is Kelly Duckworth, the latest person to join the Best Foot Forward (BFF) team.  I was recently trained on how to track and measure how many people stop for walkers in marked crosswalks. My experience is below. Imagine this: you’re crossing the street in a marked crosswalk. You […]

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

Less than 15 percent of U.S. neighborhoods are both affordable and walkable, according to a Redfin study. The two mega-cities to fit the bill are miles away from Orlando – Seattle and Washington D.C. We’re changing that. Look no further than neighborhoods like Thornton Park, South Lake Eola or the […]

February is the Month to Show Some Love to Crossing Guards

Every morning, they throw on a brightly-colored vest, grab their whistle and flashy red stop sign, and hit crosswalks across Orange County to help thousands of kids cross the street. Throughout the month of February, counties and cities across the country will celebrate local crossing guards. Seminole County did earlier […]

Pedestrians Face Distractions Too

When was the last time you read Orlando Sentinel’s ‘Ticked Off’ comments? Just last week, there was another rant about people walking with their heads in their phone – so consumed that they don’t even hear or see cars, trains, or other large objects. The sad thing is more and […]

Gertrude’s Walk Extensions Update

Good news! The Orlando City Council approved extensions to Gertrude’s Walk Urban Trail – a multi-use trail located in Downtown Orlando. The existing trail currently spans three blocks from Church Street to Washington Street running parallel to the railroad tracks. The new extensions add two additional links from Washington Street to Jefferson […]

2016: Starting Out as King of a Year

January kicked off with three kings. That’s right. Orange County District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson hosted a Three Kings Day celebratory event where more than 1,800 residents gathered at Meadow Woods Orlando Magic Recreation Center to listen to music, visit with neighbors, and hear about the free programs and services offered […]

Was Crossing the Street Safer in 2015?

While Best Foot Forward’s goal is to change drivers’ behaviors by getting people to yield to people crossing the street, we can’t ignore the injury and fatality stats.  Trends in crash data can help us identify unsafe streets that need to be addressed right away. The good news is that […]