Red means STOP – National Stop on Red Day 2017

Stopping at a red light – seems like common sense, right? Green means go, and red means stop. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems. In fact, in 2009, 676 people died and another 130,000 were injured in accidents that involved red light running.

On August 11th , BFF teamed up with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Orlando Police Department, the City of Orlando, and the National Coalition for Safer Roads to promote National Stop on Red Day. This group of 25 advocates for safe driving came together at the busy intersection of Orange Blossom Trail and W. South Street in Downtown Orlando to spread the word about always stopping on red. Comments abound from both drivers, walkers and bikers about cars blowing through stop lights every day.

Melissa Wandall, president of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, personally thanked all in attendance for the “important work that each of you do to improve this situation.” Melissa’s husband was tragically killed in a red light running accident 13 years ago. While it’s great to get the message out on a day like National Stop on Red Day, every day is stop on red day. Drive safe, be aware and always #StopOnRed!

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