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Accidents are preventable, especially accidents involving drivers striking people walking across the street.  Driver and pedestrian education is critical to saving lives and being safe on the streets. Best Foot Forward (BFF) encourages everyone to educate themselves on the rights and resources available to them for pedestrian safety.

BFF’s educational initiatives include community outreach efforts where pedestrian safety messages are presented to residential communities where locals live, work and play.

Best Foot Forward is your resource for pedestrian safety education. If you are interested in having us come speak to your organization please contact Amanda Day via email at We would love to be a part of your next homeowner’s association meeting, school presentation, health fair or other organizational gatherings.

Protect Pedestrians at Crosswalks

Pedestrian View of Driver in Traffic

We are trying to make our streets safer for everyone. Help us by cooperating and by encouraging others to do the same.

  1. Never stop directly at or too near a crosswalk. Stop 30 feet back so pedestrians can see cars in other lanes.
  2. Wait until pedestrians have crossed at least one lane beyond yours before proceeding.
  3. Use special care when turning at intersections.  Pedestrians are more vulnerable to turning vehicles and must look over their shoulder to see them.

Driver Rules for Pedestrian Safety

If a visually- or mobility-impaired person is in the process of crossing a roadway at an intersection or in a mid-block crosswalk, stop 30 feet back and wait until the person has crossed all lanes of traffic before proceeding.

Impaired Pedestrian Rules for Drivers

Be alert for children. They may dart out into traffic without warning. Adults may also do the same.

Know the law and remember, regardless of the pedestrian’s behavior, you have the duty to exercise due care.