Month: January 2016

Florida Today: Cape Canaveral finally gets lower speed limit

The Federal Department of Transportation is listening to concerned citizens in Cape Canaveral and lower speed limits in some areas are finally becoming a reality. This is a victory and a step in the right direction, but some feel that more change needs to happen for the safety of residents […]

The Daily City: Gertrude’s Walk Extension Approved With New Condition

Last month, we shared that the Orlando City Council was voting on Gertrude’s Walk Urban Trail extensions. The proposed extensions were approved in the December meeting. The following article from The Daily City discusses the details of the new extension. ————————————————————————————————— LYNX got approval to go forward with a planned extension […]

Orlando Sentinel: Deaths show need for better bus safety

The following column was written by Scott Maxwell and published in the Orlando Sentinel. It highlights the importance of bus safety and getting legislation passed to prevent deaths.  By Scott Maxwell January 6, 2016 It was a June afternoon in 2010   — the last week of school — when 12-year-old […]

Orlando Sentinel: City, County must unite on Corrine

Owned by Orange County, but desired by the City of Orlando, Corrine Drive faces a conundrum. Many are in agreement that Corrine Drive needs improvements, but the direction and vision are unclear. The Orlando Sentinel editorial below sheds some light on the current situation of the popular roadway.  Corrine Drive is […]