Collab on Kirkman brings welcome changes

Residents and students in the MetroWest area will soon see some new perks thanks to a collaboration between the Florida Department of Transportation, the City of Orlando and MetroPlan Orlando.  The Kirkman Road Resurfacing and Off-Street Trail Project will bring 1.9 miles of off-street trail segments to Kirkman Road and […]

Engineering’s important role in designing safer streets

What we are facing…… The number of pedestrians killed on U.S. roadways is at a 25-year high.  In Florida, pedestrian deaths rose 40% between 2009 and 2016. Implementing comprehensive changes that comprise the 3 E’s of Engineering, Education and Enforcement of the law will be pivotal in decreasing pedestrian fatalities […]

On foot, at risk: PED deaths up 46%, according to report

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released its latest status report – On foot, at risk – and, spoiler alert: it’s not good news. The number of people killed while walking has increased 46% since 2009, a staggering jump that is not all too shocking to anyone who […]

Orange County invites bids to help slow down drivers

The invite has been sent, but Orange County isn’t hosting a typical party. Their goal? Slowing down drivers. Orange County recently issued an Invitation for Bids for construction firms to take the lead in the installation of new traffic calming devices. Now you’re probably thinking: calming traffic? Doesn’t Orlando traffic […]

Making Denning Drive a complete street

Travel down Denning Drive in Winter Park and you will notice orange cones, planted trees, newly painted crosswalks and a 10-foot wide trail as construction progresses on the east side from Mead Botanical Garden to Webster as a result of the Denning Drive Multi-Use Trail Project. This trail will connect […]

Green Man Plus: Crossing with Greater Ease

Have you ever had to rush across a crosswalk to make it before the timer runs out? Land Transport Authority in Singapore has created a safer and easier way for pedestrians to cross the road. The Green Man Plus card allows pedestrians extra time to cross the road with a […]

Your Corrine Drive Wish List: Take the Survey

MetroPlan Orlando – in coordination with Orange County, the City of Orlando and the City of Winter Park – launched a Complete Streets Study of Corrine Drive in East Orlando last month, kicking off the study’s first phase: Research and Public Listening. Study leaders are asking residents, business owners and you for your […]