Best Foot Forward in Seminole County

Seminole County Put Its Best Foot Forward on October 2, 2019

Best Foot Forward was born out of the belief that the status quo is unacceptable. Officials in Seminole County resolve to tackle the problem of pedestrian deaths by joining with BFF to reduce the number of driver-versus-pedestrian crashes by focusing on getting more drivers to yield to people in marked crosswalks, as Florida law requires. It uses the “Triple E” approach that combines low-cost engineering, community education and high-visibility enforcement to achieve results.

Since BFF launched in Orange County in 2012 and Osceola County in 2017, we’ve seen the number of drivers yielding increase by more than 40% on monitored crosswalks. Isn’t it amazing what a group of BFF’s can do?

Seminole County’s 17 new partners joined the 21 existing partners in Orange and Osceola County, making Best Foot Forward the largest grassroots coalitions in the nation working to lower pedestrian fatalities and injuries.

Seminole County Launch Information

WHO: Best Foot Forward, our Seminole County partners, our state-wide partners, honored guests

WHAT: The launch of the Best Foot Forward program

WHEN: Wednesday, October 2, 2019; 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: Seminole County Commission Chambers
1101 E. First Street, Sanford, FL 32771

WHY: If we all join together, we can truly make a difference and save people’s lives

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BFF Seminole Coalition Partners:

City of Casselberry Casselberry Police Department
City of Lake Mary Lake Mary Police Department
City of Longwood Longwood Police Department
City of Oviedo Oviedo Police Department
City of Sanford Sanford Police Department
City of Winter Springs Winter Springs Police Department
Seminole County Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Seminole County Public Schools Seminole County Crossing Guards
Florida Department of Health: Seminole County Altamonte Springs Police Department

Resolutions Passed in Support of Best Foot Forward:

City of Casselberry City of Longwood
City of Oviedo City of Sanford

Check out our initial crosswalk data collection

Best Foot Forward has already been working with leaders across Seminole County to choose crosswalks to monitor, and gather baseline data. Tony is our expert data collector. He previously worked for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a school crossing guard trainer and a school crossing guard himself. Each municipality has chosen a number of crosswalks for initial tracking. Tony goes out with local law enforcement, city planners, etc., and scientifically measures how many drivers yield for people walking in a marked crosswalk.

That number is our baseline driver yield rate. It gives BFF a starting point. Over time, as we apply our “Triple E” approach of education, low-cost engineering and high-visibility enforcement, we monitor whether those yield rates change. In other words, are more drivers yielding to people in those same marked crosswalks? Our data has proven that they will.


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