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UCF Police Chief’s Message of Caution for Drivers and Peds

“You should never drive distracted, but especially on a campus with a lot of pedestrian traffic.” That’s just one of the important messages from the University of Central Florida’s police chief. UCF police have  been working to make campus safer for pedestrians and cyclists. As part of their campaign, chief […]

Orange County Mayor reminds students to keep their Eyes Up & Ears Open

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has safety on her mind as students head back to school following summer break. This comes as no surprise, as Mayor Jacobs has always been passionate about keeping walkers and bikers safe along county roadways. Her commitment is reflected through Orange County’s Walk-Ride-Thrive pedestrian safety initiative […]

Four-Wheel Bias On Roads, In Words

Have you ever caught yourself referring to a female law enforcement officer as a “policeman?” Or used an airplane seat’s call button, expecting help from a “stewardess,” only to be met with a male flight attendant? Gender biases that slip into our language can be hard to shake. And it turns out, similar […]

Bike and walk, but not too fast

Slow walkers and cyclists rejoice! You’ve been doing it right all along, at least according to a study released by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It turns out that walking briskly/running and riding a bike too fast could well result in breathing too heavily and, as a result, […]

Orlando Sentinel: City, County must unite on Corrine

Owned by Orange County, but desired by the City of Orlando, Corrine Drive faces a conundrum. Many are in agreement that Corrine Drive needs improvements, but the direction and vision are unclear. The Orlando Sentinel editorial below sheds some light on the current situation of the popular roadway.  Corrine Drive is […]

A new perspective on ped’s safety

By Kellie Woods, BWCF/BFF intern Having lived in Orlando for close to three years now, I have always just assumed that defensive driving was the rule of the road. Now, after witnessing Operation Best Foot Forward with Best Foot Forward, I have a whole new perspective on pedestrians’ safety and […]