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Amendment 1

Amendment 1

The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment

VFKLAPPPHIPPS062011 CH06So what’s Amendment 1?  Just ask our very own Scott Maxwell – the savvy, spirited and somewhat shrewd Sentinel columnist – recently voiced his support of Amendment 1.  This is what we know…

If passed, it will allocate about 1-percent of the state budget to ensure resources are available to maintain Florida’s natural areas, parks and recreational trails. Specially, the amendment requires the money to be spent to “acquire, restore, improve, and manage conservation lands” including the Everglades, drinking water sources, fish and wildlife habitat, beaches and shores, recreational trails and urban open space, and historic geologic sites. 

Where will the money come from?  Amendment 1 “funds the Land Acquisition Trust Fund…by dedicating 33 percent of net revenues from the existing excise tax on documents for 20 years.”  What it means for Florida trails? Possible access to state funds for improvements to existing trails of all types – hiking, paddling, equestrian, and multi-use paved trails.

The Florida Water and Land Conservation amendment to the state constitution will be on the ballot on November 4.  Read the full ballot language HERE.

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