Month: January 2017

One person at a time

It’s the money, as in a $164 fine motorists are issued for barreling through a crosswalk while a pedestrian is using it. Publicize the tickets, hand out a bunch of them and motorists will get the message and stop, contends a crossing guard who attended a continuing education course at […]

Four-Wheel Bias On Roads, In Words

Have you ever caught yourself referring to a female law enforcement officer as a “policeman?” Or used an airplane seat’s call button, expecting help from a “stewardess,” only to be met with a male flight attendant? Gender biases that slip into our language can be hard to shake. And it turns out, similar […]

Metro Orlando ranked third most deadly in Pedestrian Danger Index

Metro Orlando was notoriously known as the deadliest place in America for pedestrians until Smart Growth America released its Dangerous by Design 2016 report.  The Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area dropped from first to third on the latest list of the most dangerous U.S. metro areas for pedestrians, with a 9.6-point reduction on […]

CityLab: Why does Florida have America’s most lethal roads?

As usual, Florida has been making headlines across the country. The topic this time? Smart Growth America’s latest Dangerous by Design report. The report, compiled in 2016, ranks Florida as the most dangerous place for people walking – again. We’ve earned this distinction since 2011. CityLab, a national online publication, […]

Q & A with Billy Hattaway, Orlando’s new transportation director

Billy Hattaway has been a bicycling and walking advocate for years, most recently leading an initiative for the Florida Department of Transportation to make state-owned roads more accommodating for cyclists and pedestrians. Hattaway, who spent a total of 28 years with FDOT during three separate stints, has accepted a position […]

Orange County boosts walkability on Americana Boulevard

Huge thank you to Orange County for installing pedestrian safety enhancements on Americana Boulevard. Road design is a huge part of pedestrian safety – the Engineering in our Triple E approach. Now, let’s work together to educate walkers and drivers about the importance of following crosswalk laws. Check out details […]

Smart Growth America releases Dangerous by Design 2016

Smart Growth America has released Dangerous by Design 2016, the fourth edition of a ranking of the most dangerous U.S. metro areas for pedestrians. While the report showed pedestrian fatalities remain an alarming epidemic, it offered some good news for Americans who travel on foot.  “More than 1,200 Complete Streets […]