Month: February 2016

$40,000 FDOT grant awarded to OPD

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) awarded the Orlando Police Department (OPD) a $40,000 grant to support additional efforts in warning and citing people who break Florida’s traffic and cycling laws. This is in conjunction with their high-visibility enforcement actions three times a year with Operation Best Foot Forward. You’ll see […]

$2,700,000 for Covering the “Tedious, Dull, & Monotonous”

Pedestrian – it’s well, very pedestrian. Friends at Webster Dictionary define pedestrian as “lacking inspiration or excitement; dull.” It’s no wonder that no man, woman or child looks in the mirror and says; “I’m a PED!” This was reinforced just a few weeks ago in Winter Garden. A neighbor shared […]

All About Operation BFF: Stats, Coverage, & Social Media

There were 166 very unhappy people last Wednesday after Operation Best Foot Forward resulted in a flurry of $164 traffic tickets and warnings for drivers who failed to yield to walkers in marked crosswalks. The high-visibility enforcement action, conducted in tandem with Orlando Police Department (OPD) and the Orange County Sheriff’s […]

MEDIA ALERT: Operation BFF happening Wed., February 10

 Drivers: Cutting Off Pedestrians in Crosswalks is Costly Best Foot Forward recognizes Crossing Guard Awareness Month by ticketing drivers who fail to yield at crosswalks near Orange County schools February is Crossing Guard Awareness Month. To honor the more than 300 crossing guards in Orange County, the Orlando Police Department […]

The City of Orlando’s First Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts are in

Walkers and bikers do count in the City of Orlando. A few weeks ago, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced the results from its 2015 Bike/Ped Counter program to collect baseline data from 12 locations. Locations: Orlando Urban Trail, Lake Eola Park, Lake Baldwin Loop, Cady Way Trail, Gertrude’s Walk, Lake […]

AP: Few US neighborhoods affordable, walkable with good schools

According to an article published on the Associated Press, a recent study found that only 14 percent of neighbors are affordably priced, walkable and near decent schools. These three characteristics are a huge selling point for homes, but the low percentage of homes that meet these qualifications and the high […]