Month: June 2012

Bicyclists: Drivers Or Walkers On Wheels?

By Mighk Wilson, Smart Growth Planner, MetroPlan Orlando It seems that whenever the topic of pedestrian safety comes up, some people start talking about bicyclists. This is unfortunate both for bicyclists and pedestrians. Bicyclists are not just fast-moving pedestrians. They are vehicle drivers, whether they recognize that fact or not. Bicycles were both […]

Orlando’s “Triple-E” Solution

Transportation Nation: (Matthew Peddie) Metro Orlando tops the national list of dangerous cities for pedestrians, according to Transportation for America. On average one pedestrian is killed every week and two are injured every day. Local civic leaders believe a new initiative can reduce the number of crashes and fatalities. They’ve set an […]

Healthy Central Florida

(Jill Hamilton Buss) writes . . . Kudos Central Florida!  The community has come together to address the pervasive and deadly problem of pedestrian and cyclist injuries and fatalities.  By now you’ve probably heard that Orlando is ranked #1 as the most dangerous place in the nation for pedestrians – […]