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Metro Orlando – Most Dangerous for Pedestrians

On average, two pedestrians are injured every day in Central Florida and one is killed every week. – Dangerous by Design 2014

Why does Orlando top the list as most dangerous?

Walkers aren’t common in Metro Orlando, especially with only 1.2 percent of people walking to work, so drivers aren’t looking out for them. Sound strange? Well, New York City-Northern New Jersey-Long Island is home to the highest number of people who walk to work and is considered one of the safest cities for pedestrians. The lack of walkers coupled with the automobile-oriented design of wide roads, creates a challenge for pedestrians and drivers.

The Best Foot Forward coalition joined forces to do something about this – improve pedestrian safety using the “Triple E” approach of education, enforcement and engineering. Below are recent reports and presentations regarding the challenges and solutions to improve pedestrian safety in the Metro Orlando area.

Yield Rates

Roads posted 40 mph+: Before BFF, just 1.2% of cars yielded. Year 1, jumped to 5%. Year 2, to 23%.

14 (3)14 (2) 14

Average Yield Rates FY14: 11 Crosswalks FY13: 9 Crosswalks
Baseline: 35 mph and less 37% 12%
Final* 45% 48%
Average Yield Rates FY14: 19 Crosswalks FY13: 5 Crosswalks
Baseline: 40 mph and higher 15% 1.2%
Final* 23% 5%

*Final: Avg. yield rate results from a sustained Triple E effort; Data collected after each detail.

Noted Observations:

  • Yield rates at the five original marked crosswalks were consistent throughout the year.
  • Increased crosswalks from 14 to 30 in year two but the number of OPD and OCSO enforcement teams stayed the same. Hypothesized that due to Operation Best Foot Forward (OPD & OCSO joint enforcement efforts) and the public starting to recognize crosswalk crackdowns will occur three times a year, we would see a ripple effect of yield rate improvements across Orange County. On average, this proved to be correct.

 Pedestrian injuries and fatalities

  • There were 640 reported pedestrian-related accidents in Orange County in 2014 – a 26.2 percent increase from 2010. Of those accidents, 596 pedestrians were injured and 44 pedestrians died.- Signal Four Database
  • There were 108 pedestrians under the age of 19 who were injured in 2014 and two pedestrians under the age of 19 who died in 2014. – Signal Four Database
  • There were 88 pedestrians over the age of 55 who were injured in 2014 and 13 pedestrians over the age of 55 who died in 2014. – Signal Four Database
  • On average, 37 pedestrians are killed and 500 are injured every year in Orange County. Injuries range from slight fractures to severe head trauma, according to the Orlando Health Trauma Center.
  • In Florida, there were a total of 8,822 pedestrian-related accidents, and 602 pedestrian fatalities in the state of Florida in 2014 – a 21 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities from 2013.

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